FN SS192 5.7×28 * 50 ROUND BOX


FN SS192 5.7×28 50rd box – No longer imported since 2004. 28 gr. FN SS192 5.7 X 28 solid aluminum core hollow point. A box contains 50 round and the price is per box. Each Box Has A Seal On It The Way It Came From The Manufacturer. FN no longer imports this Ammo for public use. Limited supply available. FN 5.7×28 ammo manufactured by FN. Designed for the FN Five Seven, PS90, Ruger, Masterpiece Arms, Keltec and all othe weapons systems designed to use the 5.7X28 cartridge. JHP, Brass Case, Boxer primed so it is re-loadable. Out of production and hard to find, 5.7×28, 27 grain JHP, SS192, High Velocity, 2400 FPS! This is the last of this ammo to be available. $265.00 PER BOX WITH FREE SHIPPING.

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